Zakynthos, one of the seven islands of Eptanisos, is located at the south of the Ionian Sea, 9.5 nautical miles away from west Peloponnisos coasts.

Because of its beauty and the green, Venetians named it "Fioro tou Levante" (Flower of the East).
Olive oil, wine and raisin are the main agricultural products.  Tourism is another key economy factor. During summer a great number of tourist are visiting Zakynthos, from mainland thanks to its good sea and air transport, but also from abroad with direct flights. In Zakynthos you can enjoy the local hospitality, the Mediterranean climate, its natural beauty and wonderful beaches with turquoise water.
Its rich history starts from Neolithic Age when Zakynthians fought in the war of Troy under the commands of Odysseus. In the Classical Era they were involved in the Peloponnesian War by the side of Athens. The prevailing view on the colonization of the island, mentions as the first settler in Zakynthos, son of the king of Troy Dardanus. At the Byzantine period Zakynthos was part of the empire, but later was enslaved by Venetians, French, Russians and English. Finally at 1864 became part of the free official Greek state.
Zakynthos is the homeland of poets, prose writers and artists like A. Kalvos, Ugo Foscolo, G. Xenopoulos and the national poet D. Solomos. Also many Zakynthians excelled in painting, theatre and music. In 1953 Zakynthos was destroyed completely by a catastrophic earthquake.